A Log Home is More Fire Resistant and More Energy Efficient

Not only is a log home a dream house because of its beauty but such a home has serious advantages. Log structures and log homes do a lot to reduce the pollution that we face everyday. When it comes to noise pollution one should go for the log home as a log home reduces noise and sound pollution to a great degree whereas the other wooden structures like a house of timber can not do anything similar to this. A log home wall keeps sound off and at the same time creates a very comfortable situation within the home and this helps the family to be at ease with each other and thus bond.

Log walls are more fire resistant than any other wood is and this has been proved by the various studies. Therefore a lot of people these days prefer log homes over timber homes. It is much less likely that a log wall will burn or catch fire very easily whereas timber can not be so fire resistant and can certainly catch fire pretty easily.

Any wooden structure has got a lot of cavities through which fire moves once it has caught one part of the wooden frame but in log structures there are no such holes or cavities within and therefore fire is unable to travel through. This is the main reason why people prefer log homes over timber homes nowadays. Whenever it comes to a home with lots of electrical cords and wires and also a kitchen where cooking goes on and wherever there is gas and gasoline there is always chance of the place catching fire. The more fire resistant the home is, the safer it is and is the first choice of a lot of people when they decide to build there dream homes.

The energy efficiency of a log home is much higher than that of a timber house. The energy that the log walls preserve is much more than a timber wall can ever preserve. Therefore when it comes to the chilling winters you can depend on the log walls to keep you warm whereas you would need a really powerful heating system to keep you warm in a timber house. In spite of that heating system it is likely that you will feel cold within the house as the walls would not be able to store the heat that is produced by the system as well. This is not very good news for you when you live in a very cold region of the country and when you are looking for a cozy and comfortable log home for yourself and your family. So you should better go for those log walls that will help preserve the heat and keep you warm.