A Look at Different Types of Ceiling Fans to Install in Your House

There are different types of ceiling fans, each with its own characteristics. Some fans are best suited for indoors while others are better for outdoors.

You should look at the Style, size, and model before making purchasing decision. The following is a description of different types of ceiling fans.


They are mounted on sloped or flat ceiling with a metal pipe connecting the mounting bracket to the motor housing. This allows the fan blades to be suspended 7 feet above the ground as recommended by the national electric code. Therefore, these fans can be used for rooms having a ceiling of 8 feet or above.


They integrate overhead light fixture and household fixtures.

They are compatible with compact, halogen, and incandescent fluorescent bulbs. You have a chance to choose the style you like.


They are suitable for rooms with a low ceiling height of below eight feet. They are installed directly on the bracket, which make them to hang exactly seven feet above the ground.

The air movement is slow when these fans are switched on, however they are still effective in moving heated air in the house.


They have aerodynamic blades and energy-saving motors. With energy star-rated fans you get twenty percent power saving efficiency than the standard fans. However fans fitted with integrated lights are fifty percent efficient than the standard fans.


They are fitted with motors that are resistant to damages due to humidity and moisture. They are made of blades which can withstand different weather conditions without deforming.

You can either choose UL-rated wet fans or UL-rated damp fans.

Damp ceiling fans are resistant to moisture and humidity and therefore can be used in porches, sun rooms, and covered patios without being exposed to precipitation. Wet fans can be used in patios, porches, and gazebo as they can hold up snow


They have two changeable fan heads which are supported by horizontal frames extended from the compact motor. The high-performance motors makes them powerful than the ordinary fans.

They have beautiful designs which provide decorative appealing to the patio, dining room, or the living room.


Remote-controlled provides the user with the convenience of switching on and off the fan with just a press of a button. The remote speed sends unique signal to a receiver usually suspended in the canopy which prompts a change in direction, speed, and direction of the fan.

They are suitable for the home owners who cannot reach out to the fans when making adjustments.


They are designed to save space. They are mounted directly on the walls therefore giving up the room on the desks. They create minimal movement of air and therefore you can use them in the cooling and ventilation systems.


They are portable cooling systems suitable for small spaces. You can use them in rooms which range from 75 to 120 square feet which makes them desirable for home offices and cubicles.

Adjusting airflow is controlled by rotary switch while side-to-side movement is controlled by toggle switch. Some of these fans have a knob that can adjust the angle of the fan’s head.