A Look at HON File Cabinets

If you are presently looking for a good filing cabinets, a good idea would be to choose from HON file cabinets. Their brand is one of the most widely known in office furnishing. These cabinets are recognized for their reasonable price and high quality.

More Options

With HON file cabinets, you have several options. You can easily find a cabinet that best caters to your specific office requirements and preferences. These filing cabinets come in both types of filing cabinet, vertical and lateral designs. You also have more options when it comes to the number of drawers you want – you can even have more than 4 drawers. Aside from the conventional vertical and lateral designs, HON also sells high-density filing cabinets. These cabinets provide additional room for storage purposes. For highly regarded or confidential files, there are fireproof HON cabinets available. These utilize steel lattice support on the inside for the purpose of withstanding extreme, outside temperatures of up to 1,700 degrees F for the endurance of up to an hour.


HON cabinets are well known for their strength and durability. While there are other materials available, these cabinets are usually constructed out of metal, which is definitely ideal for the office.

Cost Effective

The cost of HON filing cabinets varies depending on the size. However, the prices are quite reasonable. For instance, a 4-door vertical HON cabinet is typically priced at about $300. With HON cabinets you can save as well as enjoy their long-lasting construction, convenient design and reliable security features.