A Look at the Benefits of Blackbutt Timber Flooring

If you are that kind of a person who is very particular with what you show case in your home, then the Life wood range was designed for you. An external feature tells a lot about your lifestyle, things like the landscape and the quality of your floor material. For many home owners; style, quality and stability is important, and that is where Life wood comes in, to show the difference between good-looking finish and great- looking finish.

WA Blackbutt.

Life wood has a broad spectrum of timbers ranging from Golden Mahogany, Jarrah, Marri, Rose Jarrah, WA Blackbutt and WA walnut. Take WA black butt for example. It is pale yellowish brown or gum and veins look with a hardness of 6.9. It is commonly known as ‘yarri’ and is almost as widely used as Jarrah. Black butt is mainly used for flooring, but originally used for construction, sleepers, case manufacture and paneling and flooring. However, its availability is limited due to the conservation of the resource in the stream reserve, making it a highly priced possession for home owners. It is therefore only available in minimal quantities in Western Australia and that is exclusive to life wood. Black butt is available in standard and better features that are the sizes of 85-12mm and 105-12mm.

WA Blackbutt design.

The mechanism behind life wood products is that, they constantly pick the best timber quality for your floor; the ugly shavings are simply used in the underside of the boards. To continue giving quality, they source only local timbers with quintessential wood character for the range, hence being able to provide an exclusive West Australian look for any given home. WA Black butt have hand-graded boards that can achieve maximum uniformity in colors between the show room and your home. A process that was only possible with existing flooring installation. With WA Black butt it has also been possible to produce floorboards long and wide, which is considered the premium look all over the world, but has not been achievable until now. That has therefore eliminated the use of thin, short, highly -varied and mixed grade boards. That is to say, installation by Perth’s largest team of craftsmen, with the inclusion of 150 years of experience, will ensure that all the finest details are attained.

In addition, timber flooring is hard long lasting, hard wearing, easy to clean and can be resurfaced a number of times. It’s also good for those suffering from asthma because it does not keep dust mites and associated allergens. That makes it good for the environment since it’s world’s most renewable resource and it last for a long time once laid. Wood flooring offers the perfect finish.