A Look at Window Anwnings

Chances are, you have seen a home with awnings installed. Perhaps you took a second look to admire the beauty, style and elegance the awning added to the home. Awnings can be a significant investment both in time and money but can add valuable value and style to your home. Awnings are commonly used to beautify windows, walkways, patios and decks. Not only do they add beauty, they also serve a functional purpose to shade the home from the hot summer sun and provide a long-term solution for energy efficiency and savings.

Not only do window awnings add charm to your home, they can also keep temperature between eight and fifteen degrees cooler in summer months. In southern facing windows, window awnings can reduce solar heat by up to 65%, and by up to 77% for windows facing the west. Today's window awnings, especially the fabric awnings, come with a protective acrylic coating that helps to protect them against harsh weather elements. The protective coating can reduce fading and wear for up to five years and even longer in some cases.

Window awnings come with many options, such as stationary, retractable and freestanding. They can also have open sides or closed sides, and come in a huge variety of colors. The standard projection of window awnings is usually about half the size of the window. For example, if a window that is 48 inches high will have an awning with a projection of about 24 inches. Though these measurements will vary with your needs, it is a general estimate of what to expect.

Window awnings must be mounted on a window frame or exterior wall. This is necessary to keep the window awning level and sturdy. Window awnings are an excellent and reliably inexpensive way to add value, charm, style and elegance to your home. You should shop around at local installation companies to find the best deal; do not forget to inquire about their warranty agreements. Researching companies, prices and warranties will guarantee your satisfaction with your new window awning.