A Look Into Czech Crystal Chandeliers

The first crystals used in chandeliers contained a high volume of sodium oxide. Although crystals were produced this way, they were not hard enough to end the cutting process. Because of this formulation, various technological discoveries in crystal making began to evolve – one of them being the Czech crystals. Today, they are considered top of the range of crystals used to decorate chandeliers. It has been in the market for over a century already and has maintained its popularity even today.

Where Czech Crystals First Appeared

The word crystal came from a Greek name which means "ice" because of its coolness, clearness, and purity. Rock crystals were first found in the mountains. They are pure, cool, limpid, and achromatic. People began to be fascinated by these crystals and started using them for various purposes. They were first used to make luxury items, such as jewelries. They were also used in sorcery during ancient times. And today, they are widely used in crystal chandeliers for decorative purposes.

Czech Crystals Versus Glass

Czech crystals look almost similar with glass. But if you take a deer look into Czech crystals, you'll find them more pure and fine. The word crystal is used to define the lead content in the glass-like pieces. Those which contain less than 4% of lead are called glass. Those which have a lead content higher than 10% are already called crystals. If crystals exceeded 30% of lead content then they are known as highly-leded crystals.

If your chandeliers have highly-led crystals on them, they could have more value in the market. But if the lead content in crystals is too high, your crystals can appear cloudy. If the right amount of lead is in your crystal chandeliers, it can cast color spectrums in a room that will improve its overall beauty and ambiance.

Why Choose Czech Crystal Chandeliers

Czech crystal chandelier is a particular term in the lighting industry. It has evolved for centuries in the market. Czech crystals are a symbol of craftsmanship, beauty, unique style, quality, and surprisingly low prices. They dominated the European market since the 17th century and are still highly demanded by many home owners today. They are known and exported over the world today.

Where To Purchase These Lighting Fixtures

Czech crystal chandelier can be found in any lighting or furniture shops today, and can be bought at low prices. You can also find these chandeliers in antique shops or in garage sales. Once you see these lighting fixtures, you will certainly be guided by the beauty and splendor they give out that will certainly improve your home's overall look.

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