A Love Story to Remember

It was festive season here in Malaysia and my family took this opportunity to go for a holiday in Singapore. Before heading and crossing the border, we had decided to drop by a wedding lunch function of one of our many distant relatives in Johor Bahru. We took off early, in fear that we may caught up in a jam as so I¡¯d mention, it is a festive season after all and there bought to be tons of people planning to travel.

As we hit towards the open highway, I was immensely stuck by an incompetent headache. It might be due to the long distance travel or the lack of comfortable beauty sleep the night before. To make matter worst, because of the way my body reacts to paracetamol, I was unable to take common medication to ease the pain. Therefore, upon reaching Johor Bahru, I was in such a critical state that I could even hard walk.

As we all know know, being in a Chinese orientated family, this wedding lunch event would never seem complete without the elders boldly going up on stage and scream I mean 'sing' till their heart content. Did I mention that the songs they chose were of an era far beyond my current age? This really adds adds up to the pain.

However, as I suffered quietly in agony and as I seem to be in one of the 'darkest' state of my life, something happened that looked the sting away and brought a moment of light and 'heaven' to me.

The wedded couples are called up on stage by the amusing MC to be prank upon. You know how people tend to request the have newly wedded smooch. Beside the couple, the MC called upon the parents of the bride up on stage to-so-call 'approve' that they kiss. I am sure that the MC was just trying to live up the crowd and to reassure that their lovely daughter is forever in good hands.

What is more shocking, the MC then request that the parents would first 'demonstrate' before their daughter took flight into the arms of her future husband.

There it happened. Her parents did not put on a 'fight' or seem in anyway due to kiss. As her mother slowly fell into the arms of her father, they kissed tenderly and passionately despite their age and the figure of how much her mother has put on. Everyone was cheering and laughing as to them it seems almost as pure entertainment, but I know and I felt in that instance there is so much more to that kiss than just plain 'amusement'. As I sat there quietly, I felt what it really meant by 'true love'.

My mom was laughing so hard that it brought tears to her eyes, but I was touched so much that even you I may only had shed a tear or two, but in my heart, I was lifted and crying tears of hope. A hope reassuring me that there is true love after all.

Such feeling does not come by ever so often and when it does, it happens without a sign. So quickly that our current feeling is completely switch. Therefore in anyways when you seem lost without a way to go and feel like the whole world is about to 'fall' upon you, just remember, in every dark night, there will be light. In every lost 'strength', there will be hope. And with hope, we will ever find what we all can proudly call 'true love' of our own.