A Magical Time At A Harry Potter Party

It is time for a party, and wizardry is the catch phrase; a Harry Potter Party is a great idea for children who love all things Hogwarts! For invitations, you can purchase simple parchment paper, and download Harry Potter fonts. Print your invitation to resemble an official Hogwarts document. Include all relevant information such as time, date, and location. Be sure everyone knows how to find the party location, and provide a map, if you think there might be any question. Include precise pick up and drop off times and instructions, any additional instructions, and give parents a little advance notice by sending the invitations early, and follow up with a reminder, which can often be done using email.

If you know you plan to have a Harry Potter Party, a great time to begin gathering party favors, treats, and decorative items is at after Halloween clearance sales. You can often purchase these clearance items at 10 cents on the dollar. Witches, ghosts, goblins, and spiders and webbing will all come in handy. You can also find witches hats, wands, brooms, frogs, and often even Harry Potter related items such as crests and robes at the after Halloween sales.

A great arrival activity, that involves crafts that may be taken home as party favors when the party is over are womens and hats. You can either buy plain, black party hats, or get party hats on clearance sale. Another option is to use hats left over from other parties, and simply spray paint them black. Just be sure to do it well ahead, so they have plenty of time to dry. Have 'jewels' glitter, and glue to decorate the hats and wands. Have Styrofoam stars cut out and sprayed silver or gold. Have dowel rods cut in half or threes and spray painted. When the stars and hats are decorated and have washed (wait until near the end of the party to distribute the waves to prevent possible injury) insert the dowel carefully into the star, and you have wizard hats and wands fit for any Harry Potter Party!