A More Organized Room – Shelves and Vanities

Once you’ve conquered your closet, it’s time to move onto the more visible places in the room. If you have shelf and/or vanity space (be it on top of your dresser, etc…), it’s easy to let things accumulate on these shelves that don’t belong there. By taking some simple organizational steps and introducing some items that will help keep products grouped together – you can still easily access all of your daily needs without completely changing up your routine.

When you’ve decided to go through with making changes to your “morning routine area”, clearing everything off of the shelves or vanity tops will give you the opportunity to properly clean the space before you start redoing things. Just as you wouldn’t redo your entire kitchen with a sink of dirty dishes, the same goes for the changes you’ll be making in your bedroom. By cleaning the shelves of any makeup debris or stuck on hairspray, you’ll have a clean slate to work with. Going through this process every few months will help the debris from building up and will also help you go through your hair and makeup supply and weed out the empty or expired items. By keeping your collections up to date, you’ll be able to prevent clutter before it even starts.

For many women, the space in front of the mirror is where much of the clutter can form. From makeup to hair products to various other odds and ends – getting all of this in order will help you to speed up your routine in the morning. Even though you might not think of it – a trip to the office supply section of your local store can help you get your vanity in order. By purchasing a simple desktop organizer with various sized compartments makes a great organizer for your makeup. Using the taller bins meant for pens and pencils to store mascara and eyeliner will get those in one easy to reach space, and using the smaller, shallower bins for eye shadows and lipsticks will keep them within easy access. If you have a lot of makeup “tools” lying around (cotton balls, brushes, Q-Tips, etc…), you can purchase a separate organizer for those, as well. By getting all of these supplies off of the countertop, you’ll have more room to safely allow straightening and curling irons to heat without having to worry about them melting a tube of lipstick.

If you have a variety of hair products, it’s easy to set them in various locations throughout the room if they don’t have a designated area. A simple fix to this is install a small shelf at eye level directly next to your mirror dedicated to the storage of your sprays and gels. By having everything right there next to the mirror, all totally visible, you’ll know exactly where all of your products are. If a shelf isn’t an option, getting a basket (preferably a plastic one that will be easy to clean if there’s a leak) to put your products in on the countertop will keep you from setting them down in various locations. If you have a designated spot for things, you’re much more likely to return them to where they came from. Simple organizational steps like these can help you speed up your morning routine allowing you to get out the door earlier than ever.

Although these may seem like small changes, your room will not only feel more organized, but it will certainly look it, too. Instead of a cramped, cluttered workspace – you’ll now have more room than ever. Your vanity and shelf spaces will look bigger than they ever have and you’ll definitely be able to notice the difference right away. By taking the organization process one step at a time – you’ll be well on your way to a cleaner and neater space in no time.