A New Staircase Can Do Wonders For Your Home

If your house is built from house plans with a basement, odds are pretty good that the old rickety staircase leading down to the basement could use an update. If you have lived in your house for many years or simply own an older home, the main staircase for your home could probably use a facelift too. It might seem like a big project to take on, it really is not that difficult. If you feel that you can not do this project on your own, you can call on a professional to make the dramatic change to your home.

Depending on where your stairs are located in your home, they could be the first thing that you see when visitors come in your front door. To get off to a great first impression, an overhaul of your staircase could be just the pick-me-up that your house needs. If you are going to tackle this project by yourself, you will want to get started by simply removing anything attached to the walls and the stairs. This means that you will need to carefully remove the railing and balusters from you luxury homes plans if you are planning to reuse them. Once you have them removed, it is time to take up the carpet. Pliers are a good tool to use here so you have a good grip to pull with. You will also want to take up the little strips of wood with little nails on them if you going to replace the carpet with hardwood floor instead. Just make sure that you do your best to not damage the drywall. If you are going to put in hardwood stairs, you will also need to remove the risers and replace them with a beautifully stained new riser.

Giving your staircase a whole new look can be a whole lot of work, or not too bad, depending on how much demolition you are planning on doing to your ranch homes plans. If you are going to rip out and gut the entire existing staircase, you might be better off calling a professional to make sure they are done right. If you are going to reuse your existing stairs and simply change out the carpet or balusters, the job will not be too bad. You might even find that more demolition than you expected is necessary, so do not worry about having to ask for help if you need it.