A New Way to Build

Stronger · Safer · Smarter

The entire building industry has a vested interest in making buildings that cost less to operate, are healthier and more comfortable for occupants, and are ultimately better for our planet. We can reach those goals by using strategies aimed at increasing performance, reducing waste, and improving quality of life. By going green you not only save the environment, but also save on energy and material costs. One of the ways to go green is light gauge steel framing. Steel is the most recycled material in the world. A 2000 sq.ft. home can be built with steel made from just 8 recycled cars. Annual recycling by the steel industry saves the equivalent energy to electrically powered 18 mln. households for a year. Light gauge cold formed steel framing has emerged as not only the most feasible alternative building material, but also the most cost-efficient for residential and light commercial construction. Here are some of numerous benefits of using steel in construction:

General benefits: Dimensionally stable – does not rot, warp, split, crack or creep. No nail pops. Does not expand or contract with moisture content Mold resistant – promotes healthy indoor environments Termite proof Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material Non-combustible Where the steel is not constantly wet, steel frame will be very resistant to rust and corrosion

Benefits for builders: Lighter than other framing materials Easy material selection, no need to cull or sort the pile Consistent material quality – straight walls, straight roof lines, square corners, fewer callbacks Smaller punch list, fewer hassles on the site Less scrap and waste (2% vs. 20% for lumber) Environmental selling and green positioning

Benefits for home owners: High strength results in safer structures Low maintenance, slow aging of structure Fire safety and protection against termites Not vulnerable to any type of fungi or mold Lower probability of foundation problems Lower probability of damage in earthquake Lower probability of damage in high winds

Strong flexible profiles and pre-engineered wall panel system cuts the fabrication process down to one fully integrated step. Structures built with steel will not look any different on the outside than others and it can be designed to withstand winds of 150 mph or more in any part of the country.

The steel frame offers better protection than any other construction system against lightning. It provides the path of least resistance straight to the ground, reducing the likelihood of explosions, secondary fires, or personal injury. A steel framed home built to the “Fortified Home” standard is eligible for homeowner’s insurance discounts that are offered by some insurers. With the proper insulation techniques, steel framing can be designed to meet or exceed governmental energy efficiency standards. And because it does not expand or contract with humidity change, the are no air leaks that can result in a costly loss of energy. The healthy house institute recommends steel framing for chemically sensitive and environmentally conscious homeowners who are seeking the best possible indoor air quality. Pre-punched halls for plumbing pipes and electrical wires makes job easier for electricians and plumbers. No drilling and extra cuts will keep structure sound and safe. Job will be finished faster that means saved money. Which can be used for renewal energy systems and your home will be even more green and energy efficient. Steel frame can be remodeled in same manner like a wood frame structure.

Light gauge steel framing can be used for custom residential and commercial buildings. To eliminate some expenses at the planning phase there is an opportunity to own pre-designed and pre-engineered homes, commercial buildings, garages and sheds. We offer homes with a wide variety of floor plans to meet any homeowner’s desires. With models ranging from 800 sq.ft. to 3,600 sq,ft., these homes will provide adequate space and variety for any buyer in the market. Structure is designed and engineered in compliance with all National codes. The all steel framing provides true “Green” construction framing and is 100% recyclable.

For light commercial applications we can offer the most complete, ready to use metal building system available today. Unlike conventional metal buildings, it can easily accommodate standard energy efficient insulation, residential doors and windows. Since the structure is stud and truss based, as soon as the assembly is completed it is ready for whatever wall and ceiling finish material you select, with no additional expensive framing required. For pre-designed commercial building are used unique Flex Panels. These panels allow the customer to select the location of the overhead doors in the building, and since the building is provided with a full metal sheeting package, the door openings can either be utilized or not. In addition, each Flex Overhead Door Panel location includes all the structural components you need to add an overhead door as your needs change.

Garages and sheds are an economical detached structures strong enough to protect a homeowner’s automobile and belongings. This a great solution for those in need of extra storage, car space, or a spacious workshop.

The quality of our finished product depends on the quality of raw material we use. We are working with NUCOR products. NUCOR has been considered “best in class” among steel producers for many years. Now that quality can be delivered directly to home owners.