A Novel In One Second – The Moment

A great writer can transport you into new worlds with their words, a great painter can bring you to tears with an image and a great singer/composer can make you weak at the knees with a song. As a photographer we can merge these items into one single snap, telling a complete story about a world that can make the viewer emotionally tied in the way that we were trying to capture.

That’s what is referred to as ‘The Moment’, or at least that’s what I call it. That one instant in time where the image that is captured shows every little emotion, feeling and the full story behind it all. A complete novel in one split second moment in time that if we are lucky enough, we capture.

Sometimes, we can take a leaf out of the writer’s book and create a story using a set of images rather than just the one photo.

Either way, whether it’s a series of stunning visual imagery or a novel in one click the basics behind it matter big time. Take your time to do your homework!

Ah, there it is. The great big hush-hush secret between what makes an amateur and the pro.

Like any great writer, research your topic. Get totally invested in what it is, all the small minor details. To capture the true meaning of that one awesome moment, or series of moments you must totally understand what the subject matter is all about!

Sure you can bluff your way through. No doubt that there’s plenty of writers that have done this as well but to truly stand out amongst the greats you cannot afford to bluff your way through. There really is no excuse for not doing your research in this day and age where any piece of information that you are after can be found with a few clicks. This background information can be used as a starting point to immerse yourself in the story that you are trying to convey. Whatever that story may be and regardless of the subject.

Anybody can pick up a DSLR, set it to auto and just point and click. Running from one location to the next, happily clicking away at the shutter, hoping that they come away with one or two decent images out of the thousand that they have taken. The pro however will understand what they are trying to capture before ever raising the camera to their eye.

If you really want to elevate your photography to the next level then take heed – clearly envision what you are trying to convey to your audience before taking that shot. A thousand average images will never equal one great image – and that one great image will live on forever in other people’s minds.