A Perfect Guide to Buying the Quintessential Bar Stools and Chairs

Over a decade, the design and utility of bar stools and chairs have evolved from simple style to a more elaborate and elegant style. They are not necessarily placed inside the bars, in fact, this small, utilitarian piece of furniture can be located inside the kitchen island too! I mean, isn’t this harsh on the person, working in the kitchen for prolonged duration, to not even get a chair to sit?

Along with adding a lot to the comfort factor, bar stools and chairs, nowadays, add a lot to your decor as well. With the increasing influence of the western culture, almost every household has a mini bar. So, if your home too, has a corner allotted for a mini bar, then you need to buy some stunning bar stools and add some glamour. But before turning your thoughts into action, you need to consider the variety available in the market. Take a look at the following types of bar stools and chairs available, that you must take into account, to buy the most well-suited ones:

  1. Pedestal Design: This design looks very modern and futuristic. If you have the bar table or the kitchen island made of the shiny dark finish, then the addition of these chairs will not let you get your eyes off your bar area. These, resting on a single leg, are generally metallic, and can be adjusted according to the height of the individual.
  2. Four-Legged: A four-legged, upholstered stool looks very stylish and is a very durable thing that you can buy. Although the height of the stool can not be changed, this turns out to be the most comfort rendering, if it has armrests too. Being a wooden piece of furniture, it is available in various finishes and colors!
  3. With or Without the backrest: A backless stool with cushioned seat, can be comfortable. But this should not be something that you should opt for if you intend to sit on that chair for long hours. Because without the backrest, you may get some serious back pains! So, go for a design with the backrest for additional ease and comfort. Now there are various kinds of backrests available, like long backrest bar stools, or a stool with a short backrest. There might also be an option for various other patterns of the backrests, which you can choose according to your style!
  4. With or without arms: What better than a stool having a backrest to recline on and armrests to rest your arms on! So, if you wish to get a wooden bar chair, then you must ensure that the armrests are wide enough to rest your arms comfortably on them, without hurting your arms.

Along with considering these options, you can also add to the convenience by checking for the some additional goodness like, adjustable height, adjustable swivel capability and fold-ability.