A Plus Delta Method to Save Your Relationship

Broken relationships and broken hearts are a part of life. No matter how hard we may try, our relationships go south, but if you really love the one you were with and want to save your relationship, you can do so with a little bit of hard work and commitment.

Getting your relationship back on track will take some effort on both you and your partner’s part. It is important both of you put your feelings of anger aside and come together as one to improve and make your relationship workable and stronger. In order to get you and your partner started out on the right foot this article will give you techniques that will help you and your partner in getting your feelings out in a way that it is helpful and for the betterment of the relationship.

Analyze if the relationship is worth getting into. This may be hard to do, but you need to take some time to think about your relationship and if it is really worth it. If your relationship is too far gone, then it might be a good idea to walk away, but if you feel that your relationship is worth every bit of effort, then go for it.

Introspect and find out the problem. It is difficult to save a relationship if you have no idea what went wrong in the first place. In order to have a better understanding about the issues in your relationship, ask your partner if they are willing to try a problem solving method known as “Plus Delta”. Take a time of day that is quiet where the two of you can do the following.

1. Each person needs a piece of paper folded into thirds lengthwise.

2. Highlight each column as “plus”, “minus”, and “delta”.

3. In the column labeled plus, write down the things that you feel is good about your relationship.

4. In the column labeled minus, write down the things that you feel are negative about your relationship.

5. In the delta column, identify certain changes that you want to make in your relationship.

Communicate your thought with your partner. While sharing your thoughts do not be angry and argumentative. Instead, hold one another’s hand or cuddle when sharing your feelings.

Try and listen to your ex. Make sure that when your partner is speaking, you are listening and do not interrupt to either defend your self or counter their claim.

Correct your mistakes. Your list will tell you about the important problems in the relationship. Initiate corrective action to counter or rectify the problems.

Be sure that you both apologize to each other for hurting each other’s feelings and if need be repeat the “Plus Delta” as often as necessary.