A Real Come Back

I had spent lifeless days so far
It was situation no win in war
It was full of uncertainties
It always lacked fine qualities

I had died out for nothing
There grew strong urge to do something
The body was erect but lacked enough strength
It had magnetic waves devoid of any length

The sun was daily rising from east
Completing task and setting in west
What was I doing here for nothing?
Uselss like vulture for no adding

I lamented only as human being
Cursed the God for not making me as king
All luxury of life were not at disposal
Was it not from Him a bad proposal?

I was enduring it as pain
It was only my worry as main
I had nothing else to do
For me it was horrible true

I searched soul and felt agony
The reason may well be counted as many
It was darkness from within
They rays were not allowed to shine

It was nothing but all negligence
I have lived u tot his time with all arrogance
What did I know about life with elegance?
I was miles away from its real presence

Something pushed me from dark corner
It came to me as finest hour
I was to come out e from ignorance
Life was to be seen with beauty and romance

It was lighted with enough of   illumination 
I could find answer with all my questions
It was right quest to make life worth while
Life was to be lived with a purpose meawhile