A Review Of The Silver Ticket HDTV Projector Screen


The Silver Ticket HDTV Projector screen features the following characteristics.

1. Full High-Definition and active 3D

2. Beveled aluminum frame wrapped in light-absorbing black velvet material

3. High-gain silver-gray, front projection material

4. Cinematic quality tensioning rod system

5. Secure, horizontally adjustable top and bottom wall mounting brackets

6. 135 square inches of viewing surface

7. Flame resistance and mildew resistance.


The Silver Ticket screen allows quick and simple cleaning and maintenance. If the screen or parts become soiled you can simply use a cloth with mild soap and water for cleaning.


· Movie Theater Quality

· Spacious Viewing Screen

· Screen Rejects Ambient Glare


· Some Assembly Is Required


The Silver Ticket screen is easy to assemble, especially with its tensioning rod system which provides movie theater quality entertainment. This large, high-definition screen can be assembled quickly. There’s no need to tuck the screen material into the sturdy frame. The Silver Ticket tensioning rod system saved me time and eliminated frustration. A durable pocket is located on each side and you simply slide each rod through its accompanying pocket in order to attach to the frame. This system is a time saver, simple as one, two, three.

Technical Details

· Manufacturer: Silver Ticket Products

· Model: STR 169135 S

· Product dimensions: 122.4 inches by 1.2 inches by 70.9 inches

· Product weight: 36 pounds

· Shipping weight: 40.8 pounds

Additional Qualities

· The heavy-duty, 2 and 3/8 inch, aluminum frame is wrapped in light-absorbing, black velvet material that enhances a clear viewing area. That allows for any user errors of alignment.

· The high-gaining, silver-gray, front projection screen material rejects ambient light in rooms that are not completely dark.

· The Silver Ticket tensioning rod system not only allows quick and easy assembly, but it also ensures a flat, wrinkle-free, pucker-free, viewing surface. Additionally, the rod system holds the material exactly square and remains hidden behind the frame so that the viewer only sees the movie.

· The light-weight framing system is manufactured from extruded aluminum and it contours down to the projected image in order to eliminate any distracting shadow on the viewing area. I’ve noticed that some other similar screens use square tubing and that results in a shadow on the screen.

· The fixed frame screen mounts on the wall just like a picture frame.


With the Silver Ticket HDTV Projector Screen you can be assured that your family and guests will enjoy magnificent pictures, movies and games in full, high-definition viewing. And it’s certainly great for both passive and active 3D applications.