A Review on Beam Trolleys

Beam trolley is a type of boon for transporting load in construction or production sectors and also in various commercial and maintenance sectors. they are widely used in complex and also assembly line factory setting and as well employed by cleaning companies for maintaining sand cleaning the outer region of sky scrapers.

These beam trolleys are available in powered and non-powered variety. The non-powered ones is rather the obsolete the one that uses manual labor for transporting loads. Nowadays these are available in various models with various sophisticated settings and they are also light in weight so that they are able to be easily dismantled and transported from one place to another. There are numerous companies which produce these beam trolleys with competitive prices. Some of the common varieties are discussed in the following paragraphs.

The push and geared travel beam trolleys are anchoring points which can be fitted to beam and suspended from the ceiling beam. Loads could be carried on these trolleys on their hooks and they can also be transported along the direction of the beam. The manual push one and geared ones are moved cross the beam in with the aid of a hand operated chain. Hence by pulling and pushing the chain the trolley could possibly be moved precisely the same mechanism like utilized in venation blinds. These trolleys are adjustable and ready to release but some pivoting options are also available in these varieties.

Additionally, there are wheel guard, anti drop plate ones available. These light weight tools are simple to operate and works extremely well anywhere because they are mobile. They are strongly suggested in the maintenance sectors like the building maintenance organizations for reaching at the very high corners of the skyscraper. The adjustment bars on to enable them to be used in any width of the beam. Most of these products do not require any separate tools for installation. These could be easily fitted and adjusted on the beam with help of the locking mechanism. These light-weight ones are appropriate for homes and workshops and they are also very safe.

Some electric travel beam trolleys can also be found in the market. The electric trolley doesn’t need any manual handling and the speed can be set on its motor and accordingly it could transport the load. As an illustration they can be utilized in large butcheries where the stacks of long meat are moved to the chopper at a fixed time intervals, once the prior one has been chopped. These have different power supply options 110v to 400v and single dual and also variable speed. These are suitable where manual handlings are not possible or not required like deep eaters, in refineries or places where there is use of harsh chemicals.

Some agricultural crane trolleys are also use these equipments. They are a kind of mobile crane bridge, which is installed in pairs between two beams in an over head space. They are low cost manual as well as electric crane options.

There are some heavy weight ones available which can carry load from 380Kgs to 1000 kg. These have a self locking mechanism and also have an anti drop plate for maximum speed application. These have maximum security and have minimum maintenance. These have a very practical and simple design and can also be tailored to your needs based on the production or works set up..

Another light weight push trolley option is also available in the market. These have a very low head room and are used in industrial sectors. The load shaft can be adjusted and can carry weight up to 3000kgs.

Most of these beam trolley available in the market have great utility in the industrial sector. The best part about these overhead trolleys is that these do not use any floor space and hence other work can be done when the goods are being transported simultaneously. These have seen use in major industrial sector like car industry or any form of assembly line production system and they have helped in speeding production. Heavy loads can be easily transported from one end of the factory to another for the next procedure in minutes with the help of these beam trolleys.