A Roadmap For Holistic Living

Most mystic traditions of the world have described in their own ways a system of energy centers which governs the human energy field. Most known in the West as The Chakra system, these models offer a roadmap for understanding and becoming aware of how the universal energy flows through human beings. Chakra means "disk" or "wheel" in Sanskrit, and it stands for one of the seven main centers of our energy body. Each of these centers correlates to a level of consciousness, archetypal elements and a developmental stage of life, at the individual level, as well as the collective.

Each chakra can be acknowledged as a concentration of minority forces which connect to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our personality and therefore, each of our seven main chakras has a different frequency in relation to a particular aspect of life experience.

Although the evidence of the Chakra system has not been scientifically recognized, its universal characteristics have influenced the thinkers of all ages and cultures. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung referred to chakras as "gateways of consciousness". Occult philosopher Rudolf Steiner mentioned them in many of his works. American Psychologist Abraham H Maslow's with his hierarchy of needs in "A Theory of Human Motivation, introduced an interesting similarity to the Chakra model. In the domain of medicine, Chakras are acknowledged implicitly in the practice of Acupuncture, a discipline that has become increasingly accepted in the West, over the last 20 years.moremore, Clairvoyants and medical intuitives such as Caroline Myss, in "Anatomy of the spirit", insinuate that health disorders manifest in the aura, and that in the chakras, months and sometimes years before they appear in the physical body.

As human beings, we are physical, emotional and spiritual entities contained in a physical body and our thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as our past present and future are indivisibly connected. When we meet life with ease and flow, our chakras are able to fully charge our energy bodies and we are able to feel fulfilled. On the other hand, when we hold on to negative mental and emotional patterns, these psychological barriers tend to clog the natural flow of energy in the chakras, thus leading to lack of balance and ability to satisfify our needs in life. My focus, as a Holistic life coach is to help individuals to explore their life issues from the perspectives of their chakras, thus tapping into other levels of consciousness in order to balance their mind / body spirit.

The Chakra model offers an "Archetypal formula for wholeness that addresses the full spectrum of human possibilities" (Anodea Judith). In my practice, I use the Chakra model as a roadmap to identify patterns of life issues and consequentially direct the coaching process. I integrate experiential exercises such as visualizations, affirmations or meditations into the coaching sessions which can be pursued subrequently as part of a daily practice. The intention is to start a de-cluttering and energizing process of the Chakras, in order to bring more clarity and understanding in the areas that need particular focus, for the benefit of overall mind / body / spirit balance. The results are often a deficiency awareness of unhealthy emotional / mental and physical patterns and empowerment to move forward towards healthier ones.