A Short Checklist Before Building a Staircase

Making a staircase is something that is best left to the experts. Building stairs seems easy to do but it's actually quite the opposite. Building a staircase requires some degree of expertise and experience for you to successfully pull it off within a relatively short period of time. Since not all of us can afford to hire an expert, here is a short checklist to help you as you start building your staircase:

Know your Stair Parts

Familiarizing with the parts of your staircase will make everything easier for you. Since sooner or later you will be needing the expert advice of a stair builder, knowing all the terminologies involved in stair building will give you confidence as you ask for some tips or advice.

After some time, you will have to pay a visit to a stair warehouse or an online site that sells stair parts, where you are surely to encounter these words, so better start getting acquainted now. Just like learning any other skill, it's best to learn the jargon first.

Start making your staircase design

Making your stair's design might seem to be the easiest step, while in fact it is the hardest. Post why? This is because here it takes more time to make your own design usually taking a couple of drafts, revisions, and until you are completely satisfied with your piece of work.

For this, you can use the simple pen-and-paper tandem, or if you're a more digi-savvy, you can also use Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW or Indesign. These are such great tools for all kinds of design. It's easier to visualize and it's also easier to transfer your concepts to your stair builder.

Make a timeline and finalize your budget

These stage is crucial so that you'll know what budget it is that you will be working around. Surely, you do not want to realize that you are short when you're already halfway your balustrade construction. Or you do not want a fat credit card bill which scares you when due date arrives. Or make you want to feel like "This staircase is amazing but I can not pay for it, can you uninstall it instead?" Fail! Draft a sound and realistic budget and confirm this with your partner and your stair builder.

Likewise, the timeline will help keep you on track and monitor your progress. Also, it keeps you from procrastinating and your staircase renovation / building will not have to interfere with your other previously scheduled engagements.

There is your quick staircase checklist that when followed will guarantee you the results that you've wanted.