A Stainless Steel Handrail Set Can Last You a Long Time With Proper Care

While balustrades are aesthetically pleasing to look at, their main purpose is to serve as a safety and support device for stairways and balconies. They come in different designs that vary depending on the environment in which they are used in and also on the builder’s budget. If you are renovating your home, or are in the process of building one from scratch, it is important to understand the benefits of a stainless steel handrail. Glass, for the longest time, was a popular material used in the construction of these. Today, there are many advantages that steel offers. Let us examine some of these.

A stainless steel handrail is the most durable choice in the balustrades market. Because it is extremely strong and durable, you can be assured that your handrail will give you the support and the safety it is meant to. Most steel handrails are finished with a galvanized coating that will not corrode and a powder coating for an attractive finish that will last for years.

The cleaning process of your stainless steel handrail set should be scheduled. If you have young children or pets in your home, you will want to make sure that someone will be around to care for them. This will save you from any possible delay and accident that are caused when you have children and pets running around your home. If your balustrades are located outside the house, check your local weather forecast. The last thing you want to experience is getting drenched in the rain with all your equipment ready.

What materials are needed to keep your brand new stainless steel handrail set in prime condition? A simple microfiber cloth and vinegar solution will do. An older set of handrails that is showing signs of rust will require the use of a foam brush, spray bottle, anti-rust agents, dishwashing liquid, and some clear coat paint. These materials will help not only in cleaning the surfaces but also in preventing and removing rust. Have some cotton rags handy in case any of these liquids spill while you are cleaning your balustrades.

In order to get started cleaning your stainless steel handrail set, dampen your microfiber cloth with the vinegar solution and wipe the entire surface area clean. Once you have done this, apply the clear coat paint as a protection against fingerprint marks. For handrails that already have signs of rust setting in, use the spray bottle with vinegar to loosen up the rusted areas. After you have done this, scrub the rusted areas with a foam brush to remove the corrosion. The rusted areas should be then wiped dry with the microfiber cloth immediately afterwards. As a last tip, make sure you use gloves and a facemask whenever cleaning balustrades so you do not inhale the liquids in the process.

Inventive designers and builder prefer using a stainless steel handrail set because the design is sturdy yet elegant and eye-catching at the same time. If you are on a mission to beautify your home or office, you can choose to order a pre-made set or have one custom-built through a reputable manufacturer. Not only will you improve the inner and outer appearance of your home, you will also increase its safety features once these are installed.