A Stairlift for Your Unique Home Design

Perhaps when you bought your home, the lovely curved stairway was one of the reasons you got it. You loved the classy element it added to your home from the moment you walked in. Fast forward though and times change. You don’t have to leave that home you love so much due to the inability to get up and down those stairs with ease as you used to.

Safety is always a top priority when it comes to such a device. Work with a provider offering you a product that you can sit in and stay secure in. There are many different designs, but the amount of space available as the device curves up the stairs has to be closely evaluated. This can narrow down the options that can be used for your set up.

Don’t worry though, it isn’t hard for them to customise something to work well in your home. Not all of these lovely winding staircases are made from the same materials or the same dimensions. A professional is used to these variables and they will be able to successfully put something in motion for you.

Effective Solution

There are curved stairlifts designed to work on even the most complex turns and twists that could be in place there. A well-qualified professional will be able to evaluate your needs and help you select the right product to go with this type of design. It does take time for the device to move up and down. That time will depend on the power behind the product and the number of stairs.

It is a good idea to obtain free consultations if you are interested in curved stairlifts. This allows professionals to come to your home and share with you products and features they recommend. They can also discuss with you the installation and maintenance of the product. You need to feel that the device is going to work well, last a long time, and be worth the cost.


The cost is typically more with curved stairlifts due to type of devices needed for the design. Typically, this is going to require a product with a larger motor and more power. Yet the cost is going to be reasonable for such an item so don’t assume you can’t budget for it. There is really no price tag to put on your safety either.

The risk of falling on those stairs due to health concerns is too great to ignore. It doesn’t make sense to avoid using part of the home either due to the stairs being there. With curved stairlifts, a person can still fully enjoy their home. You don’t have to live just downstairs on one level and you don’t have to put the home you love so much on the market.

Installation Process

Due to the design, curved stairlifts do take longer to install than the basic ones. Yet a provider with the right skills and training is going to be able to handle this complex set up with ease. They will have the right information and equipment to get the job done correctly. They are going to test it before they allow you to try it out.

Once it is installed and tested, they will help you learn how to use the various features of curved stairlifts. This is important so you can get the full functionality with it. They won’t leave until you have your questions answered and you able to use it on your own. This is going to give you more freedom than you had before and reduce the risk of injuries due to falls on the stairs.