A to Z About TiVo System

A common disturbance or annoyance that TV viewers dislike is the interruption of TV commercials. Although commercials could sometimes be useful information but most of the time, it is more likely a disturbance.

However, with the new digital technology available, we can say bye to these problems. This is all possible because of the introduction of the digital recorder device which is famously known as the DVR. With this new device, viewers can record hours of their favorite shows. Furthermore, the DVR also lets you pause or play the programs in slow motion. All your favorite shows can be saved without the hassle of the old video tape. Best of all, the videos you recorded are all kept in digital quality. The top brand leading this sort of technology in the market today is TiVo.

The TiVo device is build with its own hard drive accompanied by its very own software to give you the power to record. It is smartly build to help viewers to record their favorite shows with ease. All the user need to do is do a little programming and the device will automatically record movies or programs according to the user’s choice. The amount of video that can be recorded will depend on the capacity of the device. The recording capabilities of the models range from 30 hours to 300 hours. The recorded video are not only payable on the TV, it can also be transferred to a computer or handheld video device.

TiVo have a lot of special features that will keep the user happy. It possesses the ability to let users watch and record another program simultaneously. It can also let the user pause a live program for as long as 30 minutes. The device can also be programmed to record a certain TV show episode after episode. This feature is called the Season Pass feature. A TiVo system also features skip ability to avoid recording shows that is repeated over and over again. The TiVo device also has another smart feature that lets you search and record your favorite movies from you favorite directors or actors. This function is called the Wish List Option. With this option, you can also search for your favorite sports team or personal for programs that are related to them.

With the improvement of the connectivity technology, you could connect with your TiVo even when you are not at home to press the button on the remote. You can use the internet to connect with your Series 2 TiVo box. Connecting the device with internet will allow you to set the device to record your favorite TV shows when you are unable to rush home in time. With this function, you will definitely never miss any programs anymore.

This TiVo device will work with antenna, cable or even satellite TV receivers. However, it does not work with the C -Band satellites. Those who are using DSL should face no problem with TiVo. If they can use it, all they have to do is add a DSL filter and TiVo will work just fine.