A Travelers Guide To Key West

I would like to introduce you to the Florida Keys. More specifically, Key West as it is the most sought after destination in the area for sun seekers, fisherman, and those in search of nightlife at the far reaches of the island chain. Key West as the most southerly point in Florida and the most popular Keys destination, is the crown of the Conch Republic. Washed by the waters of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico to the east and west respectively, temperatures range from 69 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit with an average around 40” of rain a year and has around 24,000 year-round residents.

When you leave Florida proper through the gate of the Everglades and emerge onto Key Largo, you may notice the pace begin to slacken although perhaps not on the highway itself. As you travel southward, you will exit the northerly area’s of weekend homes and enter the middle and lower Keys where the water blends from the rich blue around Marathon to a milky and shallow appearance as you pass Big Pine Key toward Key West.

While in Key West you should park the car and rent a bicycle or scooter as to wheel around the island like a local and take in the ambiance of the place. Ready parking areas abound with these two wheeled jewels but do be sure to lock them up when you are away. I recommend spending an evening at Mallory Square enjoying the picturesque sunset, myriad’s of entertainers, and the general festive patio-like feel of the place. Just a note, the street vendors on the square may change up on the prices for their products if they think you will let them get away with it so hold them to their original price and be willing to walk away. You already knew that though didn’t you?

There is no lack of activities on this diminutive spit of land between the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. To be honest however, many people come here just for the varied nightlife and the downtown area accommodates that by being very orientated to pedestrian traffic and bar hopping visitors. A litany of things to do here might include, sightseeing, boating, sailing, flats & deep sea fishing, snorkeling, diving, skiing, parasailing, windboarding, lobster hunting, sunbathing, barhopping & partying or perhaps just being a lounge lizard.

Key West is the southern mecca for those in the Conch Republic who enjoy the city as well as the destination of choice for those who seek hedonism in the far southern US. Many of our clients traveling to Key West prefer to be near Duval street due to it’s proximity to downtown, so if you anticipate traveling there please be aware of the demand for accommodations particularly during festivals.

I really enjoy the Florida Keys as they provide a good deal of aquatic topographical variety and activities between Key Largo and Key West as well as a pretty laid back pace. There won’t be the frenetic nightlife outside of Key West for the most part but if you want a pleasant vacation with reasonable cost, I certainly encourage you to consider a week in the Conch Republic.