A Work Day in the Life of a Construction Estimator

Today the world is expanding at a great pace. Today the time has come when everyone wants to migrate from rural areas to urban areas. It may be due to better job prospectus, better educational and career opportunities, and better health services. Whatever may be the reason but the ultimate truth is that the cities are expanding like universe which have created a serious problem of housing and sanitation in cities. The requirement for a large number of houses has made the construction field very competitive. When two decades before there was no good scope for a construction estimator job, today one can choose a good career in construction. The construction estimator job is a very career oriented in present time.

The job requires a good skill in the field. It requires a lot of hard work including physical work and consistency. His work day starts from taking round of work sites and briefing construction supervisors, labor in-charges and other agencies involved in the construction. He meets a lot of people to complete his job. He estimates the advance expenditure for the building construction and makes the arrangement of finance. He keeps in mind various factors like weather conditions like rain or snowfall which can hamper the work. If the work is hampered due to foul weather then it will cost to the company very high.

Usually where he takes the project, he has to plan in a perfect way and has to ensure that the plan gets in shape and also executed perfectly. It is very important to complete the construction in time so that the government or the client does not find any penalty or black list for future contracts. Normally construction involves: bridges, flyovers, roads or any government buildings and if the construction is not completed in time the agency will fine or may black list. It may damage the reputation of the company. So a construction estimator job is very important for the reputation and survival of the company. If he is working on any project and finds it profitable but he may have to continue that so that he can get other projects and profit can be adjusted in new project. He has to be very mature, understandable and tactful in dealing with various government agencies. His job is always tricky. When any project is completed, he must congratulate his subordinates and any incentives may be given as per suitability to encourage them.