Ab Circle Pro Reviews – Tips to Prevent Back Pain on the Ab Circle

The Ab Circle Pro is a fitness machine used mainly to work the stomach muscles (it can also be used to work the thighs and buns). I won’t go into whether this machine is effective or not but I do want to give you some tips on how to best prevent back pains when using the Ab Circle.

Workout Position

The reason why using the AbCirclePro without paying close attention to your form may damage your back is the workout position you need to take in order to exercise with it: you place both knees wide apart on separate knee pads, hold two handle bars with both hands, similar to being on all fours, only with your knees apart. This means that your back is parallel to the floor.

This is the first place you need to watch out for things. It is easy to arch your back at this point and this can cause it harm. Make sure to keep your back straight by holding it in place with your ab muscles. This will actually work those abs even more.

Also, make sure to keep your neck straight. The easiest way to do this is to keep your eyes firmly on the floor. Pick a spot that’s straight in front of you on the floor and always keep it in focus.

The movement

The Ab Circle Pro workout requires you to rotate your legs from side to side so that you crunch your waist. You need to make sure you’re keeping perfect form here to stop you from harming your back. Make sure to not tilt your back when you’re working out.

In addition, you don’t have to go so fast as they do in the infomercial. The slower you go the more control you have. You need to be sure you’ve got the movement down perfect and you’ll be able to slowly increase your speed.

In conclusion

The main thing in any workout is to make sure you don’t do any wrong movement which will harm your back or other body part. If you do get the Ab Circle Pro, make sure to follow the tips I’ve outlined. Good luck.