Ab King Pro Review – Does it Work? – 3 Things You Need to Know

The Ab King Pro is a popular fitness equipment which is sold in many countries around the world. It is basically a workout bench which moves on its axis with you as you’re doing crunches on it. The main benefit is that your back and neck are supported on this bench. For people with back problems this can prove to be a way to do crunches without so much pain.

However, the main question about the Ab King Pro is does it work? After all, the infomercial promises or at least suggests wondrous results with this fitness machine and the question is whether or not these are the real results that can be expected.

Some people seem to believe that using the Ab King Pro will help them get flat abs. If you think so too I want you to keep in mind three important facts:

1. No ab machine alone can get you flat abs. It’s just impossible. The reason why this cannot happen is that you can’t get flat abs by doing stomach exercises alone. The way our stomach is built is in layers. The muscle layer is underneath the fat layer. This means that it doesn’t really matter how strong your stomach is, as long as you have excess abdominal fat, you will never have flat looking abs.

Since it’s virtually impossible to spot reduce fat with any exercise, you can’t burn off belly fat by doing stomach exercises of any kind, whether with this machine or any other. Therefore, the key to getting flat abs is to do fat burning workouts and not just stomach exercises.

2. Although the Ab King Pro supports your neck and back, which is a true benefit, it doesn’t help you do a more rigorous exercise than the basic crunch. You get the same effect as you would had you performed the exercise on a mat. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect miraculous results from it. Your stomach muscles can become stronger, but not in a accelerated way.

3. No one ever got a flat stomach by exercising alone. The biggest key to fat loss isn’t how you workout but how you eat. It doesn’t matter if you train from sunrise to sunset, if you don’t eat right you will not lose belly fat and will not have the perfect abs you seek. This is why the Ab King Pro cannot work alone. It has to be used alongside a sensible and healthy eating plan.

Use this machine if you want more support for your neck and back, but make sure to remember the 3 facts I outlined to avoid disappointment and steer you on the road to success.