About Gas Cookers

The cookers that use liquid profane gas as the fuel are termed as gas cookers. These have several advantages over electric cooker and therefore are utilized more as compared to electric cookers.


·        Cooking on gas is a cheaper option as compared to cooking using electricity.

·        The food cooked in gas oven does not get dried as it happens in case of electric cookers.

·        The food can be cooked quickly as there is no time lag between switching on the gas and the heat generation. As opposed to this, an electric cooker will take longer to get heated.

·        Certain types of bread can only be made on gas cookers.

·        You can adjust the flame to increase or decrease the heat instantly which is not possible in electric cookers.

Safety points to be remembered while using gas cookers:

Gas cookers are prone to fatal accidents if proper safety measures are not taken. You need to take care about the following if you are using a gas cooker:

·        If the gas is supplied through pipeline, switch off the supply during night time and whenever you are going on vacation. Likewise, you are using a LPG cylinder, you need to turn the knob off at night. Switch off the main supply if you are going to be away for a while.

·        You need to call a technician immediately and switch off the main supply, if you suspect a gas leakage. Open all the windows to allow free air and do not switch on the lights. 

How will you take care of your cooker?

Clean your cooker regularly with soap and water. The burners should be removed and cleaned at least once in a week. If oil has spilled on the burner, then soak the burners in warm soap water. Generally, the ovens are equipped with auto clean feature. With this feature, the oven can be cleaned in two hours.

Get the gas cooker checked by a technician at least once in a year. If the pipes or tubes carrying the gas is damaged or worn out, it should be replaced immediately. 

Size of the Gas Cookers

Gas cookers are available in various sizes. Commercial cookers are much larger in size with 8 to 10 burners, where as gas cookers for home use will have 4 to 5 burners. Portable cookers have one or two burners, with LPG tank attached. These are commonly used while outing or camping.