About Plastic and Metal Signs

This article is about signs we use for advertising our business, products, or services. Here, we will be discussing about two of the most commonly used types of signs, metal signs and plastic signs.

Metal Signs

The metal used most frequently for building advertising signs is aluminum. Printing companies and designers pick aluminum for this purpose due to its low body weight and sturdy nature. These features of aluminum also make it the perfect material for constructing outdoor signs. You will get metal signs in a range of colors. Usually they come with a tough enamel finish, which makes them very durable. These pieces can withstand extreme environmental conditions without getting damaged or rusting.

You can increase the efficiency of these pieces by using stakes and frames, adding graphic symbols or logos or by including borders and stripes. You will have several options even when it comes to the installation of these aluminum structures. You can get them glued, bolted or riveted to walls, wired to the fencing of your building or get them staked or framed.

If you want the metal signs to last for years to come, you must take proper care of them. Caring should begin right from the time of installation. It's true that the enamel finish makes these pieces durable; however, if not handled with care during installation, they might develop scratches or get cracked.

Plastic Signs

Signs are also often made using corrugated plastic. This plastic type is the preferred choice of both the makers and users as a result of being cost-effective and lightweight. You will get this plastic in different shades, which is another reason behind the immunity popularity enjoyed by it. Plastic signs other than being perfect for indoor use can also be used outdoors temporarily.

Corrugated plastic can be used as substitute of card stock or poster board for different interior applications. The surface of boards made from this material is no affected by oils, water and the majority of the other solvents. Moreover, cleaning them is also extremely easy.

You can use plastic signs for different purposes; they can be used as signage for a special event, menu boards, purchase signs, informational and directional signs, promotional signage, and so on. You can make these pieces more effective by adding more features to them; for instance, you can add an attractive logo, some unique borders etc.

Like metal signs, the plastic signs can also be installed using different procedures. You can hang them on the wall; you can place them on an easel; Egypt can even apply suction cups. Staking and framing also make these structures look attractive.