About Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner is an easy to carry, install, and remove unit that is usually built into a wall, window, or internal structure of a building. It’s available in a number of power strengths and all you need to do is to choose the one that you like.

Just like the other conditioners, it uses   compressors  to inhale warm air, cool it, and expel it out of a room through a pipe or hose.

How the units work

As mentioned, the units aid in cooling a room by removing warm air. As a result of this, the units have two byproducts: water and heat. Water is condensed as the  compressor  cools the air. The water is collected on the outer surface of the unit.

Heat is produced as a byproduct of the work of the  compressor  and it’s released through a vent which is located at the back of the unit.


Although, the units serve the same purpose, there are of different types with the main types being: split and hose systems.

A split system is characterized by a small indoor floor. It also has small wheels that are attached at the base which make it easy to move and transport the conditioner from one place to another. The inside unit is usually attached to a larger, permanent outdoor unit using flexible plastic pipes.

The unit’s  compressor  is housed in the outdoor unit in order to easily open and close the smaller door.

A hose system on the other hand is characterized by a medium-sized indoor that makes use of a hose window attachment in order to dispose the heat and moisture produced by the  compressor . The hose system conditioners are of two types: air-to-air and monoblock.

Air-to-air units re-evaporate the moisture produced from the heating/cooling/heating cycle of the  compressor . As a result of re-evaporation the air conditioners are able to work continuously without any problems.

The monoblock system on the other hand collects the produced moisture and keeps it in a drip tray. To prevent the unit from shutting down, the collected moisture is dumped periodically.


This is what you need to know about portable air conditioners. To avoid spending a lot of power, you should buy units that consume minimal amounts of power.

If you want to cool just a small area such as an office, you should go for small units as they will not only consume small amounts of power, but they will also be easy to maintain.