Absolute Ways of Preserving a Starfish

We cannot deny that starfish are among the most beautiful creatures of the ocean. They are mysterious and stunning. Individuals, old and young alike, gather these animals to keep within their houses as memorabilia of their beach travels.

If you need to go out on a beach vacation soon, conserving these starfish make a great gift. Star fish conservation is easy and simple. To properly conserve a starfish it needs the following namely; isopropyl alcohol, or if you can secure formaldehyde, so much the better.

If you happen to see a starfish, Immediately make sure the thing is dead, you can easily discover this by turning the starfish upside down and see any movement. If ever the starfish is still alive, don’t even consider taking it home with you. Rather, put it back to the sea. Give the starfish a chance to live, as starfish usually crawls up the shore to look for food. Other People will try to clean the starfish, and some will not. Cleaning it before preservation goes a long way. Dilute your common detergent in a pail of water. For best results, soak the starfish in isopropyl alcohol or formaldehyde. Soak the starfish in this solution for around 4 days. If you do not have time to preserve the starfish during your travel, make certain that you completely dried the fish right away after washing. Drying the starfish is a very simple process, just let it parched under direct sunlight, and you should be fine. Take extra precaution with the starfish’s arms. In order to prevent curling of the starfish’s arms, it is good to put some weight on it. Store appropriately.

In the process of drying the starfish, it is expected that odor will emit from it. This is perfectly normal and will usually disappear as soon as it is dried. Put the starfish in a dry location of your house. There are numerous methods of displaying a starfish. Other people use a box to put the starfish inside. This practice ensures that damage will be kept to a minimum as these aquatic animals after they have dried up are very fragile. You might additionally look at using a clear container. Some prefer to use shelves in displaying their starfish and other items from their beach vacation. Be careful that insects and mice do not eat into the starfish, the chemicals used to treat the starfish will deteriorate in time and when this happens decay will set in.

By conserving this gorgeous sea creature, you also will protect your wonderful beach memories.