Accessories For a Twin Stroller

Twin strollers today are equipped with numerous efficient features that help make your day that much easier. Lets take a look on some of them.

Are you the mom on the go who had no place to put our drinks while pushing twin stroller? Then Cup Holder might be solution for you. It is great for walks with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. You can attach Cup Holder to the twin stroller and it accommodates anything from a regular pop can, to a large water bottle.

Still need more storage? Buy Handlebar Console and you will have up to three water-bottle / beverage holders along with storage compartment for keys, cell phones, wallets, and other items.

There are canopy extensions available for parents who want protection from the sun and complete visibility for their infants and toddlers. The twin stroller sunshade attachment is a stroller canopy extension that provides shelter in both sunny and overcast conditions and reduces glare on sensitive young eyes. You can protect your little ones from rain, wind, sun and snow with many different twin stroller weather cover shields. Water-resistant. Breathable, soft and durable most of them will protect from 99% of UV Rays.
Covers panels conveniently fold up when not needed.

Ideal for cold winter months and brisk fall days you can buy comfortable footmuffs. They comes an array of colors. Footmuffs will help to keep your baby's feet warm during the colder seasons of the year. Some of them have removable top some allow parents to easily regulate babys temperatures with a zip-off top.

It is easy to get frustrated by cleaning on car seats, carriers and strollers. The waterproof pads made from vinyl forms a 100% accident-proof barrier, while soft, absorbent layers keep moisture away from baby's skin. They have soft, absorbent terrycloth seat which is gentle to baby. Pads are machine washable and great for parents and baby potty training.