Accommodation to Match Your Tastes

When you travel to Puerto Rico the kind of  accommodation  you look for varies according to the kind of traveler you are. And the best part about this touristic destination is that there is a hotel to suit every kind of requirement. Of course in each range you will find a number of hotels, however here is a list to help you get started. If you like a sense of history then you will really appreciate the El Convento Hotel in Old San Juan. This is a 17th century convent and located in the heart of the old walled city. The way the hotel has been maintained is what makes it a desirable place to stay at. It has a massive arched colonnade all around the courtyard and tiled floors as well.

If you want to make new friends and be at a hotel that has a lot of people then the Conde Nast is the one for you. It has the Water & beach club that caters to an elite client list but which is equally accommodating of the average person as well. The rooms are quite modern and the service fabulous. There are also numerous other services on offer making the place quite desirable. The rooftop restaurant and easy access to the beach, make this a must visit hotel.

If gambling is something you would like to indulge in when in Puerto Rico, then the El San Juan Hotel and Casino is where you should be headed. It is quite the posh hotel for gambling and popular on the circuit. It has a massive lobby, which is actually a fun place to hang out every night. There are several pubs within its confines and you can easily spend a night pub hopping as well. The live band will also get you going. For those who love their architecture, the Hix Island House is perhaps one of the best places to stay in Viegues. It is a unique hotel experience with its geometric stone structures and its innovativeness.

Art lovers will love being at the Galley Inn which is a boutique hotel filled with art works that can keep you busy for hours on end. Every room has sculptures and statues that have been used to tastefully decorate the place.

Overall, Puerto Rico has a lot to offer for those who want something unique with their  accommodation  as well. Take your pick from the range available.