Acrylic Painting – Tips to Overcome Common Mistake

Learning is a never ending process and mistakes are the best steps to for better learning.

As a beginner in Acrylic Painting you shall surely make some common mistakes. This article will let you know about some common mistakes you should which as a beginner you can make.

Mistake # 1 – You Do Not Give Enough Of Variety For Your Painting.

If you want to make your painting interesting you will have to give enough of variety so the viewer is curious and wishes to come back to observe it. Make a use of variety of themes, brushstrokes, and techniques in your painting. You can mix ample of techniques and ideas in the same drawing, by changing the direction of the brushstrokes so that you are able to give variety in your painting.

Mistake # 2 – Do Not Copy Or Be Too Technical.

Never copy the subject as it is. You have to show your creativity. You have to get influenced when you are referring for your subject, but make sure your unique style has to shine on canvas. And your painting shouldn’t be too technical as it can limit to use your creativity at fullest. By saying this I do not mean that you that you shouldn’t study technical theories but at a certain level you have to put all the stuff on the back burner and let the ideas flow.

Mistake # 3 – Not Using Good Quality Art Materials.

When we are talking about good art supplies, you should use good quality acrylic paint as well as the brushes. A cheap brush will give you a painting which will look cheap as well. Good quality acrylic paints last for longer and gives a classy effect, so never compromise on the art supplies.

Mistake # 4 – You Are Not Using Sufficient Paint.

The common mistake which all the beginners tend to make is reloading their brush again and again. Do not waste the paint as you should be concerned about cost supplies. Do not scrub the paint on the canvas or you will end up with staining rather than painting.

Mistake # 5 – Avoid Over Thinking.

Do not make any sort of wrong conclusions for your painting. This way you will be completely frustrated and will quit. Many beginners get discouraged. Trust your creativity and abilities, relax and just go on.

I really hope that this article will help you in avoiding common mistakes. Enjoy the painting you do. Never let your frustration dominate your painting skills.