Active Ankle T2 Brace Review

If your ankles are weak or unstable, you may be prone to injuries. Injuries can occur while playing sports or during simple, everyday activities. You could hurt your ankle while playing soccer, basketball, football, or volleyball. You could even hurt it while stepping from the sidewalk onto the street.

Injuries can cause the ankle to be weak, and weak ankles are more likely to be injured again. How do you prevent an injury? By using a brace. When you want to prevent an injury, you may want to use the Active Ankle T2 brace. This brace is designed to support your ankle and to prevent an injury.

The Active Ankle T2 brace has an adjustable strap system that is easy to use. It can be worn with both high-top shoes and low-top shoes. The T2 brace provides both ankle support and compression.

The brace can be used to prevent an injury or to protect an injured ankle. They can help with moderate sprains or strains. The brace can help relieve pain by taking some of the weight off the foot.

It helps transfer some of this weight to the lower leg, and this helps relieve the pain in your ankle. The Active Ankle T2 can also help improve how your ankle joint functions and can enhance your endurance.

It has very lightweight EVA padding which really helps the brace fit well. And makes it less bulky while offering good protection and performance while you are wearing it.

The Active Ankle T2 brace was designed to achieve the following goals: to prevent inversion and eversion which means spraining the ankle by twisting it inwards or outwards, decrease the need for anti-inflammatory medication, reduce the pain from symptoms, stabilize the ankle, improve the way the ankle joint functions and to enhance endurance.

A Drexel University study said “the brace reduced by about 8% the weight carried by the heel bone-equal to 12-pound unloading during ambulation in a 150-pound person”.

Active Ankle Systems, Inc. produces the T2 brace. The company is a well known manufacturer of quality orthopedic products. The brace has a patented design. This design helps to control motion in the heel bone.

With the T2 brace, the company tried to produce a brace that was less bulky but still offered maximum performance and protection. Besides the T2 brace, the company produces many other types of ankle brace. Some of these are: the CF Pro, Volt, Power Lacer, AS1, and the Dorsal Night Splint.