Add a Rug, Add a Lot

Searching for flooring options can lead you in many directions. Carpet, hardwood, laminate and ceramics all provide intangibles that add a certain style to your home. Area rugs are no different. They offer a great source of design inspiration because of their versatility and usability.

Below are some of the advantages that adding an area rug can offer your home.

– Area rugs can be easily moved and adapted throughout your home. Moving your rug from one room to another is simple and you can even choose to rotate rugs based on the season or to give your room a new look. You are not resigned to using the rug you pick just for one single area.

– Depending on the room you place it in, an area rug can play different roles. Rugs can emphasize or accent your design, whether it is the finish of your table or the color of your wall. They may also act as the centerpiece of a room in your home. The foyer or living room provide areas where your rug can stand out on its own and construct the feel of a room.

– Like carpet, the textures of rugs can vary to accommodate the desires and needs of you and your home. Thicker, fuller rugs will provide your home with comfort and elegance while sturdier, coarser rugs will protect your high traffic areas and add traction for slick floor surfaces.

– Rugs define spaces, especially in large rooms. Your area rug can help divide a room in your home into a more manageable shape if you are unsure what to do with an unusually wide or long space. Your rug can also separate a section of a room for dining and entertainment purposes.

Area rugs are able to adapt to the multiple needs of your home, creating a variety of styles in the process. They add just another option to think about when you are looking for flooring.