Add Wrought Iron to Your Stairway

Having a nice stairway in your home is important because it is the first impression of what the upper level of your house is like. Using wrought iron in your stairway can make the statement that your upstairs is full of style and glamour. Wrought iron can be used in stairways for the railings and spindles as well as for wall décor going up the stairway including sconces and art.

Wrought iron railings and spindles come in a variety of shapes and styles, from formal and elegant to sleek and modern. You should choose a style that fits well with the existing fixtures and décor in your home. This will give your stairway and home a unified look.

Wall décor in a stairway is important since it is often the focal point of a stairway. Wrought iron sconces for lights or candles come in a wide variety of styles allowing you to achieve just the look you are going for. If you choose light sconces, they provide a great look in addition to being functional. Wrought iron wall art comes in a variety of sizes and styles and looks great in a stairway when it is matched to the railing and spindles.

If you are looking to remodel your stairway, consider using wrought iron. With the wide variety of styles available, you can choose railings and spindles that will compliment your existing home fixtures and décor. Complete your look with wrought iron sconces and art, and you will have a stairway that guests will see as a grand entrance to your upstairs rooms.