Admirable Skin Care Products

BABOR recognizes the skin’s character. The creed of BABOR is based on admiring the unique skin necessities. The harmonically balanced products take care for the authentic skin requirements, assisting to retain its absolute balance. BABOR skin care products blend scientific comprehension with natural conceptions that are fruitful in formulating based on peculiar components formulas, mostly of natural derivation.

BABOR skin care products are very well-bearable; assist a plentifulness experience that passes beyond the complexion.

Uncover the BABOR skin care products lines:

BABOR B. Young is a line of genuine skin care products, which utilizes Arctic berries extract to revitalize and preserve the skin. It grants customized moisturizers for various skin types. The oil-free is B. Young Moisture Gel delivers the absolute quantity of hydration and rejuvenation for oily or acne predisposed skin.

BABOR B. Young Balance Cream is designed for dry skin. It includes lipids and vitamin C to smooth and recharge even extremely dry skin. For the combination skin types is suitable BABOR B. Young Combination Cream. It moisturizes, offers a matte finish, calms and gives balance to combination skin types. The line includes day cream, sensitive skin moisturizer and lip balm. BABOR B. Young Balance Cream includes Arctic berries extract and possesses an immediately long-lasting hydrating effect. Fortifies the natural defense of the skin and operates to stop the aging of the skin, protecting against the environmental damaging.

BABOR B. Young Lip Balm delivers moisture and active protection against dehydration to the lips. Its wheat proteins lighten fine lines around the mouth. Supplies a gentle and satin-smooth finish, maintains your lips supple and soft.

BABOR High Skin Refiner. These luxury BABOR skin care products are created to lift and tighten aging skin. The result is a young complexion. The Lifting Cream BABOR HSR acts in four directions: tones and guards the skin against environmental harm, expands suppleness and retains from generating wrinkles and fresh lines. It is designed in two options – a common as well as a rich formula. The second hydrates the skin for 24 hours. The BABOR HSR Lifting Foam Mask with panthenol and hyaluronic acid resultantly moisturizes and boosts the advantages of the rest products from this line. BABOR HSR Lifting Eye Cream treats the eyes and BABOR HSR Lifting Decollete Cream ideally treats the decolletage.

BABOR HSR Platinum Cell Reactivating Cream Rich – The skin begins to deplete its capability to recover from the age of 30. The wrinkles, the fine lines, the miss of moisture, the lower elasticity, all these make the skin looking slack and exhausted. BABOR HSR Platinum Cell Reactivating Cream Rich is an opulent formula with an all-covering effect to fight the form of aging skin. The HSR Telovitin Complex elongates the cells lifespan, and the skin remains firm, young, glowing.

BABOR HSR 28 Perfect Effect – Original, direct-dose ampoules which contain a beauty elixir that is highly concentrated, composed to prevent the lack of elasticity caused from aging and the environmental stress. This product provides a young appearance and includes pro-elastin with passion fruit, blackcurrant and a vine leaf extract.

BABOR White Effect is blended with so called sleepy morning tropical plant. These forceful and fruitful whitening products uncover the glamour of the skin. BABOR Enzyme Cleanser illuminates and lightens the complexion, while revitalizing the skin and leaving a delicate, brilliant glimmer. BABOR Intensive Concentrate minimizes the melanin producing, fixes and defends the skin. BABOR 24-Hour Lotion protects from UV rays, moisturizes, diminishes lipid production.