Advances in Solar Lighting Technology

When some consumers hear the words "solar light fixture" they may automatically assume that this will be a reliably low-light emitting item not meant to do more than cast rays in a feeble radius. That is not an accurate perception of such handy and earth-friendly fixtures any longer.

Thanks to advances in solar cell technology, LED lighting and rechargeable batteries, today's solar lighting fixtures are almost comparable to the quality and illumination of traditional, "hard wired", settings. In fact, many people prefer the luminosity of LED bulbs more than the glaring light of traditional bulbs, and no one can deny the importance of installing lights that require no electrical source in order to operate.

Are not solar lights just those small path lights or single lights that people install in areas without electricity? Actually, today home and business owners can find powerful spot and flood lights that operate strictly on solar energy. These lighting fixtures can be quickly installed and used to illuminate flag poles, signage, store fronts or even create an effective form of security around a property. The great thing about these fixtures is that they do not require any professional services to install. An owner simply drives the fixture's stake into the soil or attaches it with the included hardware and places the solar panel in an area that delivers adequate sunlight, and that that is it!

Of course some of these lights are triggered by motion and will serve in the exact same capacity as their electricity-consuming cousins. What all of these features really add up to is a lot of savings in time and money. The owner does the installation themselves in a matter of minutes and it will cost only pennies over the course of many years to maintain the lights.

There are also many fixtures that are perfect for yards and gardens, and these too are outfitted with the latest technologies, including dusk to dawn sensors, adjustable lamps, motion detectors and materials suitable for year-round installation. For example, there are lamp posts, pathway lights and porch and patio fixtures that deliver lighting equal to hard wired fixtures, but which never demand the type of professional installation or maintenance that they do.

Finally, it is important to point out one advantage that most solar lighting fixtures have over traditional lights and that is that they are usually self-contained. Unlike traditional light fixtures that can have cords deteriorate or which may fall victim to animals and vermin, solar lights have few vulnerabilities and are less likely to succumb to many environmental factors.