Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Forced Air Heater

If you want to provide warmth to your home or offices in a more conventional way then don’t look beyond installing a Forced Air Heater as these units are considered to be popular in terms of home heating solutions provider. These units are generally preferred over other methods because of its low-cost of installation and are effective in fast heat delivery. These units provide the necessary warmth to the desired areas by passing the air through a heat source using a fan or a blower.

Heating your home, garage or office by using a forced air heater is by far the most common type of heating and cooling system. The reason why these products are generally preferred over others is they can run on various types of fuel sources from diesel to natural gas to gasoline to propane to electricity to kerosene to oil. When you compare them with their counterparts you will find them to be relatively compact in size and require an electric power supply for starting and generating heat.

Forced Air Heaters due to its portability and compact size are easy to carry and can be used in your home, car or basement. These units are available in a variety of heating capacity on the basis of which it can provide warmth to small as well as large areas. These heaters are also available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and because of the portable nature can be easily moved around the house or work place. Now-a-days these units are also being used in the industrial sector for providing warmth in the desired areas.

Advantages of Forced Air Heaters

1. The main advantage of having this system is it can be used for dual purpose both in the winters as well as summers. In the winter months it can be used to provide warmth into different rooms by blowing hot air via metal ducts and vents. Similarly, in the summers the same system can easily be used for cooling your rooms as well.

2. This system features thermostat controls that can be pre set for maintaining desired temperature in the room. If at all the room temperature drops below the desired levels, the thermostat control automatically supplies fuel to the burners which produces heat which is again blown through the ducts.

3. Moreover with the help of these units you can easily filter the air and if necessary you can also humidify and dehumidify the air inside the room.

4. This system provides one of the most cost-effective way to heat a home or office as it is rather inexpensive to install and can also be used as an air conditioner in the summers. Because of these reasons these units are commonly found in Northern America.

Disadvantages of Forced Air Heaters

1. As this system distributes heat through ducts and vents, your wall space gets occupied due to it.

2. To force air into the rooms, the system uses a powerful fan which sometimes produces loud noise. The continuous noise can be a bit annoying for you and your neighbors.

3. The air that is blown by the system can be hazardous and there is every possibility of the air bringing all sorts of pollens and allergy to your home and office.

4. The heat distribution process is somewhat uneven due to which your rooms may experience warmer and colder spots.

5. You need to filter the air on a regular basis and the system also requires a bit of regular maintenance.