Advantages And Disadvantages of Using the Wood Frames

Family photos remind us of our past days and probably for this reason people preserve photos in albums. Some good pictures are framed and hooked on the wall the living room wall. A good picture frame enhances the beauty of a photo and provides it a touch of elegance. Though there are many types of photo frames available in the market, most people go for wood frames. The wood is sturdy, durable and is readily available. It holds the picture perfectly and prevents it from degenerating. These frames come in various shapes and sizes therefore people find them just perfect for different pictures.

Wood has a specialty. It absorbs moisture easily and thus prevents it from attacking the photo. Wood has the capacity to absorb any liquid whether it is water, oil or gel. Therefore wood frames provide best protection to photos, pictures and other decorative items which need framing. This quality is missing in plastic or metal frames. Plastic frames retain the moisture for you to rub the fine drops. Metal frames to do the same. There are chances that the moisture on plastic and metal frames could slip inside and affect the priceless picture. But there is no such risk with a frame that is made up of wood.

Wood frames don’t have edges, hence are good for holding priceless family pictures. However, plastic and metal frames do have edges which could harm the picture either while placing the picture inside the frame or while cleaning the frame. If you are looking for a perfect picture frame for a unique photo then consider the wood frame. Wood will ensure that your photo doesn’t gather dust, moisture or fade. Another quality of wood is this that it mixes with the picture and thus highlights the features of the picture. On the contrary, metal and plastic frames drag attention and thus hide the picture.

Wood comes from nature and for this it has no fixed color. You can find wood frames in green color, rustic color, and pale yellow and even off white color. These frames not only look good but they mix with every photo. Sometimes it seems that the frame is the part of the picture. This feature is not available with plastic or metal frames. A wood frame is available at every retail store and you can also find these frames on online stores. Online retailers give fabulous discounts on bulk purchase.