Advantages and Uses of Regenerative Blowers

Regenerative blowers have created a new definition in the field of air handling equipment. The principle on which it functions is a considerable solution for pushing larger volume of air at lower pressure or vacuum. Therefore, the device can be an effective replacement for vacuum pumps. Working on different principles from those of vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers actually regenerate air molecules with a non-positive displacement method for creating vacuum or pressure. Until now, the technology of this equipment, though, has not been understood widely, yet when necessities matching with the potentialities of this gadget arise it becomes unparalleled.

This is also known as side channel blowers and ring compressors. The name explains the way of their physical construction. The term regenerative comes from their basic mode of operation system, as these are actually a direct drive design opposed to electric motor or gas engine belt drive. The impeller in monobloc is attached right on the electric motor shaft and with that rotates at the speed of 2900-3500 rpm. As the impeller starts rotating air is captured between each blade it consists of on its circumference, and is pushed to and fro into the channels. Immediately, the air returns to the blades’ base, a process repetition and continuation which enables the device to produce its pressure or vacuum strength.

Regenerating Blower gives great benefit to the engineers, by the power of working system they act on. As well as, this equipment does not require frequent monitoring and maintenance. The only part that moves is the impeller which does not make contact with the housing channels, and so is wear-free. The only wearing part that is found in these devices is the self-lubricated bearings. Regenerative blowers are completely oil less, and do not have any complicated in or out valve. Moreover, these blowers can be mounted on any surface paying little heed to the probable noise produced.

The failure of the majority of the blowers, however, happens because of improper installation and operation. On account of its less number of moving parts chances of their going inactive are very low. The blowers have close tolerance internally devised between the impeller and housing, so inserting any external thing can harm the equipment. In the process of ingesting debris the blowers can face a failure by particles wedged between the impeller and housing. To overcome this situation a filter of the thickness of 10 micron should always be used. Leading to over pressurization is another issue to meet the gadget’s failure. Some blowers have the system of air passing through them to remain cool. If this passing does not work properly the device can go faulty. A relief valve is helpful in this regard.

Regenerative Blower is employed in many sectors for its numerous advantages. These sectors include vacuum packing, vacuum lifting, sewage aeration, printing presses, spas, pond aeration, industrial vacuum systems, dust removal and soil vapor removal. In any case where high airflow along with low vacuum is required these blowers provide a substantial solution.