Advantages of Archery Research Bows

The bow is the most basic equipment you need to pursue archery. Choosing the best in the market may be hard and sometimes you have to rely on product reviews or expert opinions before you finally decide on a specific brand. Archery Research Bows are known for their modern designs, accuracy and durability. One of their most popular bows is the velocity. It claims to be the most revolutionary bow design in the archery market today. It was engineered for years and the developers really worked hard on every part, yes from top to bottom, to give archers the satisfaction they never had with ordinary bows. The velocity will change the way we think about compound bows. It’s compact but it offers enormous benefits to the archer. Expect blazing arrow speeds and ease of maneuverability. Mass weight is only 3.95 lbs and speed is 320-312 fps.

The AR-31 is also one of the best Archery Research Bows. It was redesigned and it’s back because customers asked for it. It was designed with the treestand hunter in mind, this bow simply proves that you don’t have to let go of performance or shootability using a short axle-to-axle bow. It’s only 31 inches and it makes use of revolutionary parallel limb geometry. It’s an all new riser design that aims to deliver fast, smooth, vibration free bow that is a breeze to shoot.

Another favorite among the Archery Research Bows is the AR-35, it is one of the lightest bows in the market if not the lightest. It is equipped with a lot of great features that every archer would surely appreciate. Features include the Hyperlite and Unibody limb pockets for exceptional support. It is light but it’s the strongest riser ever produced. You get nothing but supreme shooting performance every time. It’s fast, ultra smooth and virtually vibration fee. This bow definitely sets the standard by which other bows will be judged.