Advantages of Cake Containers

There are several factors when one manufactures containers; it includes the minimizing of raw materials and maximizing the visibility of the food in it. In this case, the main objective when designing a cake container with the respect of material use and visibility and keeping enough structural firmness to prevent buckling when these cake containers are being stacked or handled by consumers. There are several top few cake containers that are being currently sold in the market now.

Wilkinson cake display container

The Wilkinson cake display container is armed with a clear dome lid which is suitable for selling and merchandising cakes and pies. The crucial part of this container is that the base is made up of durable hard plastic and thus the cake will still be in shape when in times of any form rough handling. This brand of cake container is currently one of the highest selling in the market. Good review have also been received by consumers. Besides this, these containers are armed with a clear dome lid for optimum viewing in every angle of the container. It has a outside diameter of 9 11/32″, inside diameter of 7 21/32″, outside height of 3 1/4″ and inside height of 2 5/8″.

W-07B80 combo container

The W-07B80 combo cake container is currently another type of container that is popular in demand in the current market. One of the advantages of the container is that the cake will be prevented from sliding within the container. Also the depth of the container is enough to prevent any unnecessary movements of cake during any form of rough handling by the consumers. The dimensions of the item is 11 1/4 x 4 13/16, case cube is 5.47 feet and the case cube is 26lbs.