Advantages of Growing Tomatoes on a Trellis

Tomato planting has been one of the greatest passions of home gardening. And as you indulge yourself in growing healthy and tasty tomatoes you also long to grow bigger and bigger tomatoes. Anyhow, you wondered what could be the best way to growing tomatoes – trellis or ground gardening.

Here are some tomato trellis ideas:

1. When making a tomato trellis, you may put a support beam or a pipe overhead wherein your tomato plant can stretch out as they grow.

2. You may use PVC tomato trellis as an overhead because they are light in weight.

3. From the support beam, you may hang another knot or twine or stick where the plant can cling and grow upwards. This is what you call vertical gardening.

4. You can use as many vertical knots from the top to allow the spread of its growth. Just make sure to place the hangers not to close to each other. Keep a distance of at least 24 to 36 inches apart.

Homemade tomato trellis is highly recommended because you can easily adjust the size and style just as the way you like it. You can design the trellis according to your needs and comfort.

Growing tomatoes up on trellis are notably great with tomato varieties that grow very tall. Some of the varieties you can try planting on your trellis are Celebrity, Mountain Delight, Fantastic, Better Boy, Burpee’s Big Girl and the like. You may also want to try on the extra-large type of tomato variety.

The good things about growing your tomato plant on trellis are the advantages you can draw from it. Take note of the following benefits you can get in growing tomatoes up on trellis.

1. Tomatoes grown on trellis evades from being affected with fungal bacteria coming from an infected soil. Your fruits and foliage are safe from touching the infected soil thus making them safe and sound above the ground.

2. Fruit rotting can also be avoided when your tomato plants are hanged above the ground.

3. Tomatoes grow perfectly on trellis, ensuring blemish free produce.

4. Trellis can give your plant tremendous support as they grow, and consequently give you an easy access to your plant for weeding, watering and even on foreseeing your plant bear fruits.

5. Homemade tomato trellis also gives you the benefit of a carefree way in reaching your tomato produce especially when harvest time comes.

6. Tomatoes grown on trellis gains a free flow of air supply and sunlight penetration thus ensuring healthy tomatoes.

7. Tomato plant on trellis gives you the ease and convenience of pruning suckers that may affect other branches as well as remove any unwanted excess leaves that may block sunlight penetration.

8. Another good reason for using trellis is that you can easily keep them and reuse them when you decide to plant again.

9. What’s more is that you can eliminate constant bending and kneeling when taking care of your tomato plant trellis hence, minimizing messy hands and dirty shirts.

See, growing tomato on trellis is really a piece of cake as much as it is pleasurable and relaxing. So much more, you may relish luscious, full-tomato-taste fruit crops during harvest season.