Advantages Of Horizontal Fly Men’s Underwear

You must have heard about the functional fly option on the various styles of men’s underwear available. What you generally have heard about the vertical fly mostly found on styles such as men’s brief underwear and men’s boxer briefs, but have you ever known about the horizontal fly?

With the emergence of so many techniques and technologies in the basic apparel sector; the horizontal fly is a part of the same. Traditionally, the fly on men’s underwear has been vertical. As of 2010, however, the horizontal fly is becoming popular because of its advantages.

Let us look at the advantages and compare which one is better than the other.

• Privacy: Ideally, the conventional vertical fly option was bound to be of an overlapping pattern. In simpler words, when you overlap two panels of cloth which is folded over each other to form an opening that is manually opened without any embarrassments. Technically, it was supposed to be like this and be very functional but, it did not go that well. Practically, it would leave open sometimes and would lead to an embarrassing situation. In the case of horizontal ones, the two panels are placed horizontally and the gravity does a much better job of holding the top flap in place over the under flap. The result is less gapping and increased security.

• Support: According to a research, the conventional fly is designed with a double criss-cross design that has a tendency to smoothen and flatten the manhood or in least cases protrudes and shapes the manhood, and does not even support. A horizontal fly, by contrast, usually is paired with what is known as a “contour pouch.” This pouch and the way it functions with the vertical fly support a man better than a vertical fly does, giving him more definition. The subtle support that comes with the dual purpose combo also helps a man feel more “in place.” This can make some men feel much more confident.

• Appeal: The vertical fly goes along with the male anatomy and makes it look a little rough whereas; the horizontal option is in contrast to the genitalia line and provides a different and natural look. It also supports the manhood from beneath. The increase in clothing choices, in conjunction with the natural definition provided by the apparel, ultimately can make the man look more attractive.

• Comfort: Like in the last aspect it was mentioned that the traditional option runs along the manhood whereas; the modern one does not, the former tends to stick a lot to the anatomy and rub against it. It leads to rashes and if it persists; it might lead to the sensitive skin injuries. On the other hand, the latter sits comfortably and does not rub against the skin.

These are some of the advantages of the modern fly option which is easily available at men’s underwear online stores and are offered by numerous brands that understand the male anatomy and its needs and want.