Advantages of Reclaimed Wood

The reclaimed wood or lumber is in high demand because of its limitless advantages as compared to new or non-season green wood or lumber. The obvious benefits of protecting nature and environment are the prime causes for choosing reclaimed wood. This is what we get when large, mature trees develop "Heart Wood". Heartwood is the solid, dense, and dark wood found in the heart of a tree.

The heartwood is old and does not play any part in nurturing or life functioning system of a tree, it does not supply nutrients and water from the ground to the branches and leaves. Heartwood is dry and harder, it is stable than the outer layers. Interestingly these smell sweet and have rich attractive color that impossible to find in new and un-matured trees. Reclaimed wood has an outstanding quality that is found in no other type of wood; they can be re-used for home interiors and making furniture.

Reclaimed wood is reduced from wood beams and flooring can be taken from old barns at rest in buildings, factories, and storehouses. The interior designers and architects value this for its rich and fragrance lumber, the history of lumber is of prime importance and has antique value. This is used in contemporary and classic interior and architecture as flooring, side paneling, cabinet lumber, and furniture.

Wormy Chestnut is most used variety and is preferred for flooring and paneling for its impressive grain and rich color range. Seasoned Fir, Maple, and Oak are also preferred as it is easily reclaimable. The source of chestnut is mainly reclaimed barn wood. Wood beams are important structural part of a strong building, and Cypress is a good choice if you reside in coastal areas, as it has a remarkable characteristic to withstand humidity and moisture in such environmental variations.

These Beams give strong support to roofs and ceilings. Reclaimed wooden house are so classy and stylish that no other material like ply-box, veneer, laminated wood etc can ever match. The rustic look gives elegance of a natural feel and charisma to the wooden house's characteristics. By reclaiming wood you, aid in preventing deforestation. Reclaimed wood is eco-friendly, timeless beauty, durability and saves lot of tempering and farming required for new wood. In Many parts of the world Chestnut, wood is destroyed due to a disease, and the only option to use it is to reuse reclaimed lumber and wood.