Advantages of Stairway Elevators

Stairway elevators are used in a home where there are handicapped or disabled people who need to be moved up and down. These modified lift machines have been around for centuries. The versions that are currently available in the market are a result of improvements and innovations over the years.

Reduced risk of accidents

Perhaps the most important advantage of having a stairway elevator in a home that has a handicapped or a disabled person in it is that it reduces the risk of accidents. If you were to manually move a person like this from floor to floor in your home you would have to do it by carrying them on their wheelchair. This would require two or more people and can be a very risky affair as fatal accidents can occur. Elevators for the stairways eliminate such possibilities, so making it easier and safer to move disabled people around the house.

Easy to install

Stairway elevators are add on mechanisms to an already existing staircase and since they are very easy to install and can be done at any point in time. You do not need to have it done when you are building your house. The amount of time that is taken to install these elevators depends on the kind of staircase that you have. A straight staircase usually takes a few days while a curved staircase may take a couple of weeks. Curved staircases take a bit longer as there are a bit more complicated.

Cheaper options than elevators

If the only reason you are considering an elevator in your home is because of an elderly or disabled person in a wheelchair then you can consider installing just an elevator for the stairways. These elevators are significantly cheaper than regular elevators and they give you the same benefit. There is also another option that you can explore. If you have a staircase that is wide enough you can also consider installing wheelchair elevators. These elevators have a platform the wheelchair can be mounted on so that the person does not have to be moved around while traveling from one floor to another.