Advantages of Using Brick At Home

People always want to change something about the way their houses look, may it be the color of their curtains to their tiles. Giving your house a lift is always exciting but often expensive. Renovations entails investment in time and money. And one of the oldest way of adding charm to your abode is surrounding it with bricks. Brick is the ceramic material used in masonry constructions. It is one of the oldest and most beneficial material used for house transformation. It is a lot easier to purchase a brick house but if buying a new house would mean being far from work or school then putting bricks around your house is a good alternative for changing the face of your house.

Aside from the classical appeal these materials can bring to your house, it also has numerous value and energy efficiency.

1. Brick veneer also known as facing is the term coined to any surfacing material. When this is added to your walls, 35% of energy is saved. How? The sealing air leaks around the windows and the heating and ventilation are improved.
2. There is a 32% decrease in fire insurance rate
3. An increase up to 10% on resales value. According to a study, the brick home can demand until 6% for the resale price than the non-brick homes.
4. It creates warmer and more comfortable climate inside
5. You can transform your home without compromising your space inside the house

In renovating your house, it is also important to bear in mind that you should be flexible with the existing structure of our house, the beauty of its transformation depends also on how fit the designs are to its structure.

Often, bricks are applied to the existing siding usually a wood-frame construction. However, the siding must be replaced or removed if it is uneven or in poor condition. We can spend now on the replacement than spend on repairs.

There are two aspects we must consider in renovating our houses with these materials. One is the technical aspect and the other is the aesthetic.

When it comes to the technical considerations, we will be needing the help of a masonry contractor. Here are some of those things we must consider.

1. Adequate support such as in added width to concrete foundation
2. Quality of materials
3. Proper attachment to a stable backing
4. Proper construction techniques such as weep holes
5. Trimming and framing details

You also need the help of your masonry contractor when it comes to the aesthetics of your house. When it comes to colors, we must consider the mortar colors since it makes up the 20% of a wall's major impact on the totality of the look of your house.

Finally, we can go to the fun and light part — how to customize these materials. You can mix and match your bricks with over 10,000 colors and styles from traditional to modern home designs depending on the structure and your personality.

How you will do the customizations of your house will depend on your own taste. What's important is you will be satisfied and happy with the results.