Advantages of Using Elevators

Elevator is a tool or equipment which enables easy access and mobility to different levels or floors of a multi storied building. It can also be defined as a machine, usually used in multi leveled buildings, which is capable of moving vertically up and down to carry people and goods from one floor to the other with the help of a rotating motor (which rotates both way) and a shaft or with the help of a high magnetic force. Nowadays the elevators have become very common in the world and people have really started to make a habit of not using the stairs-evolution! But there are valid reasons too.

There are just too many advantages of using an elevator. The elevators are very convenient in making easy access to different floors of a building. Especially the people who are physically disabled find it very easy for them to move from one floor to the other which otherwise would have been impossible. It is also used for carrying heavy materials and goods up and sown the building very easily. Similarly a pregnant woman or an elderly person who is facing difficulties to climb up the stairs would probably take the elevator as a messiah in their lives with the help of whom they are being able to move about the building and without whom it would not have been possible. For the building makers or the building constructors it may act as a strategy to make more profit as it increases the floor area of the building and thus they can charge more while selling it and have quite a bit of extra profit. With increase in the rate or price of land the constructors use another strategy of installing elevators, as adding floor upward would be very cost effective rather than constructing it outward. So they tend to make more profits.

Other than these the elevators also come in different and uncommon shapes, designs and looks rather than the one usually used with the grilled doors, like with glass doors, both way open doors, sliding doors, doors with abstract designs, in-tube, etc and shapes like capsule shaped, cylindrical, cubical, pyramid shaped, etc which add up to the interiors and the décor of the house. Hence it also increases the resale value of the house. Even installing a normal elevator increases the resale value of the house since it helps a lot by diverting people or the households towards a comfortable detour. Elevators also have a very special weapon or advantage of having good security facilities like ‘stop button’ which allows the lift to stop at any point or level in case of any emergency, emergency lights which works when there is a power failure with the help of a rechargeable battery. Manual lowering adapters are also there which help the elevators to get lowered slowly and manually from the inside in case the lift, as it may also be known as, faces a sudden breakdown. There are many more advantages of an elevator may be which are yet to be found.