Advantages of Using the Brenda Dygraf’s Air Climber

Three benefits of the Brenda Dygraf’s air climber are that it is simple to use, provides a well rounded workout and will not cause additional health problems. The combination of these benefits makes this fitness mini stepper something that anyone looking for an exercise regimen should purchase. This workout can be done in as little as twenty minutes a session, making it a simple addition to anyone’s daily routine.

This fitness equipment is easy to use and provides a workout by providing a stair climbing activity. Its angle allows for an increased workout that cannot be gained from walking outside. Although the individual using it will set the pace, it is possible to work off 1000 calories simply by walking in place. In addition to using up calories, it also strengthens muscles in the legs and throughout the body.

Walking on this stair climber will provide a well rounded workout that involves a cardiovascular workout, muscle toning and an abdominal workout. There is a knob that allows the user to adjust the setting for how difficult of a session is required. Also, the air climber is powered by each step that is taken, therefore the individual using it will set the pace.

Walking on firm pavement can cause damage to sensitive joints. Using the air climber reduces this by placing air between the pedal and the floor. This allows the person utilizing the air climber to have a longer workout due to a lack of pain during exercise and avoidance of soreness later on.

This article has taken a brief look at the advantages of using the fitness mini stepper. These included ease of use, well rounded workout and minimizing joint impact. With this information you should be in the position to make a knowledgeable decision.